Valda Twaddle Trust

  • Valda Twaddle Trust Application for Award

Applications are now open for grants from the Valda Twaddle Trust. To apply for a Valda Twaddle Trust Award please fill in the digital form below. Alternatively you can download the form  here and post it to:

James MacLeod
Valda Twaddle Trust
c/o PO Box 251
North Melbourne Vic 3051

To be completed by the individual or organisation applying for an award from The Valda Twaddle Trust

Please provide full name/registered name of organisation (if applicable)


If organisation please provide the name, address and telephone of a contact person
Nature and Purpose of Organisation
Title of the program or project for which the award is sought

Title only - There are questions below to provide more details.

Amount Applied for (Maximum of $2,500)
The names and address of two referees with knowledge of the project for which an award is sought are required.



Please Note:  You may be required to prepare and submit brief progress and/or completion reports to the Board of Trustees.

Please respond to the following questions detailing the program/project.
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